Tips for Finding Phone Numbers and Emails for Outreach Campaigns

If you are looking for a way to get phone numbers and valid email addresses for outreach campaign then you’ve landed in the right place. Many companies use email outreach and text messages to boost their sales or create awareness of a particular product. Chances are any successful businessman has once used cold emails to market their business.
Nowadays it has become hard to get email addresses publicly because people are afraid of scam emails. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can use to get them. Getting to know relevant email addresses and phone numbers is important to ensure information gets to the target audience. This article will inform you of the various tips for Finding Phone Numbers and Emails for Outreach Campaigns.

a. Linkedin search

This is one of the overlooked ways of getting mail addresses. Many people put their email addresses publicly on LinkedIn more than any other platform. To get an email address head to LinkedIn search bar for your prospect target. Once you locate a profile, look for the “localiser un numero” button and click it. A popup window appears with contact details about your target. This is one of the fastest ways to get a legitimate email address of an individual. Although this tactic can be a miss or a shot, it is worth trying.

b. Using Linkedin plugin

If you cannot get the prospects email address or phone number using the above means then using a tool should be the next move. Contactout is a free and great chrome extension that gives you a chance to get anyone’s email address according to their social profiles. Research indicates that 30% of outreach campaigners use contact out. All the emails are vetted and 97% deemed accurate and legitimate.
Download the plugin, and install it in chrome then head for a prospects LinkedIn profile. From here you just need to click on the extension and get the work done for you. Upon clicking the extension, a popup window will appear showing your target’s email address.
c. Using Voila Norbert

This is a useful method of getting emails when your search on LinkedIn bears no fruits. There are times when you don’t know your target’s name or they are not registered on LinkedIn. That’s where Voila comes in. All you need to use Voila is a company website and

full name. The only limitation in voila is that it isn’t free.
To get started you need to sign up for an account. After that, you get 50 free lead searches. Proceed to type your prospects first and last names in the search bar. Next, key in their company’s website then hit the “go ahead” button. Voila will find a verified email address for you. Moreover, Voila has interesting features like newly-found emails which you can leverage in case you need to send emails in bulk.
d. Contact a google search.

Google has all your information provided you have made it available on the internet so if there is some email address out there it will find it. It is the best search engine available today. However, you will need to do a detailed search like full name + company + email. Adding the company name will aid you in tailoring the search to specific results. You can keep adjusting the search until you get what you want.…