How to structure your webpage to maximize email options?

Email marketing is one of the most powerful and effective ways of marketing these days. You can grow your sales surprisingly if you are going in the right direction. Targeting the right audience is the most important part of email marketing. There are several ways that people use to grab some emails of their potential customers.

Some people try to buy the email lists from several service providers which make them suffer from a lot of problems. Sometimes this practice makes them appear as a scam. So, you need to be very careful when sending emails to your potential customers.

Your website is the best source to collect the emails of customers. All you need to do is structure your web page in such a creative way that user may not get irritated by the design.

This will help you collect a list of active customers who are willing to hear from you. It’s better that you convey your message to those who want to listen to you instead of wasting your time on sending emails to some inactive and irrelevant customers. Taking a look at webpage design based out of Surrey will help you understand the most effective way to structure your web page.

Let’s take a look at how can you structure your web page to collect the emails of your customers.


Adding a chatbox to your web page is the most effective and useful way of collecting the emails of your customer. There are many chatboxes introduced these days that deliver a message to your client with a beep sound.

This chatbox appears after 5-10 seconds of page load. Some of these chatboxes are designed under basic PHP standards while others are designed using Artificial Intelligence.

If you want to provide excellent user-experience to your visitors, you must consider using chatboxes that are designed under AI standards. AI is an intelligent option that communicates with your customer like a human and in the end, asks them to submit their email. Most of the times users submit their email and contact information instantly as they are willing to hear more about your services.

Free download

Another way of adding an email collection option to your web page is creating a separate box where you put several files and guides for the users to download for free. The free offers grab the attention of your visitors immediately and the user submits his email to download the file or the guide. One free offer can bring you multiple high-paying customers in future.

Pop-up window

The pop-up window on your web page is another option that can help you collect emails without causing any changes into webpage’s structure. The pop-up window appears after a few seconds of page load with an interesting message on it. It depends on what type of message you have added to the pop-up box. If the message is interesting, the user will immediately submit his contact information without any offense.…