Tips for Finding Phone Numbers and Emails for Outreach Campaigns

If you are looking for a way to get phone numbers and valid email addresses for outreach campaign then you’ve landed in the right place. Many companies use email outreach and text messages to boost their sales or create awareness of a particular product. Chances are any successful businessman has once used cold emails to market their business.
Nowadays it has become hard to get email addresses publicly because people are afraid of scam emails. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can use to get them. Getting to know relevant email addresses and phone numbers is important to ensure information gets to the target audience. This article will inform you of the various tips for Finding Phone Numbers and Emails for Outreach Campaigns.

a. Linkedin search

This is one of the overlooked ways of getting mail addresses. Many people put their email addresses publicly on LinkedIn more than any other platform. To get an email address head to LinkedIn search bar for your prospect target. Once you locate a profile, look for the “localiser un numero” button and click it. A popup window appears with contact details about your target. This is one of the fastest ways to get a legitimate email address of an individual. Although this tactic can be a miss or a shot, it is worth trying.

b. Using Linkedin plugin

If you cannot get the prospects email address or phone number using the above means then using a tool should be the next move. Contactout is a free and great chrome extension that gives you a chance to get anyone’s email address according to their social profiles. Research indicates that 30% of outreach campaigners use contact out. All the emails are vetted and 97% deemed accurate and legitimate.
Download the plugin, and install it in chrome then head for a prospects LinkedIn profile. From here you just need to click on the extension and get the work done for you. Upon clicking the extension, a popup window will appear showing your target’s email address.
c. Using Voila Norbert

This is a useful method of getting emails when your search on LinkedIn bears no fruits. There are times when you don’t know your target’s name or they are not registered on LinkedIn. That’s where Voila comes in. All you need to use Voila is a company website and

full name. The only limitation in voila is that it isn’t free.
To get started you need to sign up for an account. After that, you get 50 free lead searches. Proceed to type your prospects first and last names in the search bar. Next, key in their company’s website then hit the “go ahead” button. Voila will find a verified email address for you. Moreover, Voila has interesting features like newly-found emails which you can leverage in case you need to send emails in bulk.
d. Contact a google search.

Google has all your information provided you have made it available on the internet so if there is some email address out there it will find it. It is the best search engine available today. However, you will need to do a detailed search like full name + company + email. Adding the company name will aid you in tailoring the search to specific results. You can keep adjusting the search until you get what you want.…

Summer Activities to Try to Get Away From Email for a Day

The email and other technology accessories have opened several new doors for us. We can now stay connected to the entire world without even leaving our homes. Nobody had ever thought of running an office while sitting at their home. But now the technology has made everything possible and almost all the offices and organizations are now being established with the help of the latest technology. And Email is the best sources that helps you stay connected to our colleagues and employees.

But this latest technology can also become a headache for you if you are not taking out some time for yourself. The fun and entertainment activities are really important if you want to get rid of the stress. The current surveys have shown that stress and anxiety have become a major issue for most of the people that are running their businesses with the help of the internet.

And it is just because they think that they are taking enough time for themselves while the truth is that they are connected to their mobile phone throughout the day. And it doesn’t let them feel relaxed and comfortable. That is why many people have become a victim of stress and anxiety.

If you consider spending some time with Walter from Adviser, you’d get to know that outdoor activities are really important for your health. The summer is the best season to enjoy these activities. Therefore, we have chosen some activities that can provide you a lot of comfort when you are looking to get rid of stress.

Here are some summer activities that you can try if you want to get away from email for a day.

Plan a football match

You must have made some friends during your career but you may have never found enough time to meet those friends physically. So, it is the perfect time to organize a football match so that you may meet all those friends physically. Thus, you’d get to know many interesting things about each other and it will also help you become physically fit.

Plan a dinner

You can even plan a dinner with your friends and family. But make sure that the dinner is not organized at home otherwise, you won’t be able to get rid of stress. And your mobile should be turned off during the dinner because you are trying to spend some time away from the mobile. In fact, you should leave it at home so that you may feel completely relaxed.

Go to an amusement park

Although you have become old now, the amusement parks can still provide you with a great experience when you go there. There are amusement parks found in all parts of the world so you won’t have to travel to a distant location to reach the park. Make sure that you have a lot of fun when you are in the amusement park.…

Tech Tips for Instagram – How to Use the Algorithm to Your Advantage

The tips for using the Instagram are different than other social media platforms because Instagram has designed some special algorithms for promoting the creators. So, the people that try to implement the same techniques on Instagram usually fail because those tricks do not help them at all. Instead, they keep affecting their reputation negatively due to false use of algorithms.

However, those that have understood the functionality of this platform know that it is a lot different than other platforms. Therefore, they always look for ideas that can help them find success on Instagram. There aren’t a lot of tips and tricks available on this topic because most of the people are still in the struggle of learning this platform. However, there are people that regularly share several tips about how someone can get success on Instagram.

We have also taken help from these tips and implemented them on our Instagram profile to see that whether they actually work or not. Some of them failed to work while others produced the completely accurate results. So, after analyzing the results, we have brought you tips on how you can use algorithms of Instagram to your advantage.

We hope that you’d find these tips really effective and helpful. Here are the tech Tips for Instagram if you want to use its algorithms to your advantage.

Share stories regularly

The Instgram’s algorithms are designed in a way that they only bring your posts up if you keep sharing new stories every day. If you are not regularly in sharing the stories, your posts would only appear on the timelines of a few users and you won’t get enough response from your followers. So, it’s important that you regularly share the stories relevant to the business you are promoting.

Work on one niche

Instagram works like Google and it only brings your posts on the top of search results if you are working on a single niche. If you are trying to target multiple niches at the same time, your posts would rarely appear on the top. So, make sure that you choose a particular niche to grow your audience and reach on Instagram. You won’t even have to Buy Instagram reach if you are working on a single niche otherwise, you’d have to spend money to reach your desired audience.

Get engaged

You need to stay engaged with your followers on Instagram. The Instagram algorithms keep checking your activities on the platform and then they produce the results based on your behavior. If you are not responding to your followers in a quick way, your posts would start moving away from the timelines of your followers and you won’t get enough response on your future posts. Therefore, you should regularly stay engaged with your followers on Instagram. Here are some other tips on how to use Instagram to your advantage.…

Email Marketing Classes You Can Take Online

Email Marketing is undoubtedly one of the strongest and fastest ways of promoting your business. There are many businesses that have promoted their business just by sending some emails to their relevant customers. But promoting a business with the Email Marketing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. There are many pros and cons of this platform that you must understand before promoting your businesses through this platform.

The Email Marketing is the only part of online marketing that is directly administered by the internet service providers. So, you must carefully use this platform if you want to prevent your business from being added to the spam list. So, you must learn Email Marketing from an authentic institute before using it as a source of promoting your business. There are many local institutes that offer different programs for email marketing.

But we always recommend using the online classes because online classes allow you to start learning anytime you want. You can even pause and play the class at any step. The online class help guides can also help you enhance your skills. These guides contain a lot of helpful information to help you build your skills before taking a start.

Here are Email Marketing Classes you can take online.

Classes from Lynda

Lynda is one of the best learning platforms on the internet where top tutors from different fields come to teach the people that are curious about learning. You can join this platform to learn your relevant skills. The best thing about this platform is that it doesn’t only provide you the facility to learn but they also provide you different projects to test your skills.

Your online tutor will check the projects that you have completed and then he’ll point out the mistakes that you have made while addressing the project. Thus, you’d become perfect in the email marketing field and you won’t need to take help from any other institute once you have completed this course perfectly.

Udemy Courses

The Udemy is also a very popular online learning platform that offers courses in different fields. There are millions of students that have learned different skills from this platform to start their professional career. So, you can also learn the Email Marketing with the help of this platform to promote your business. There are many courses available for Email Marketing, therefore, you should check the reviews before joining a course on this website.

Brian Dean’s Email Marketing Course

Brian Dean is one of the top digital marketers. He has launched several courses about digital marketing. So, you can purchase his Email Marketing course to grow your knowledge about this field. You can even grow your knowledge about digital marketing if you purchase his other courses. Click Here and find some information about the importance of Email Marketing.…

How to Sync Your Email with Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office is a giant in the computer industry and all the small and large businesses are bound to use this software in some way. In fact, the people that have a computer in their home cannot even think of using their device unless they have the MS office installed in it. There are different versions of MS office that were launched at different stages.

Every time the MS office came up with some cool and unique features. And that is the main reason why it has become the major need of every computer user. There are many people that do not that you can now use this incredible software on your smartphone as well. According to my calculation, this software will keep dominating the tech and business industry for a very long time.

Those users that use computer for their personal use do not usually use the Microsoft but the office workers and businessmen have to spend a lot of time working on this software. So, these professionals need to sync their email with the Microsoft Office so that they can use their files anywhere they want. There is no doubt that you can now use the MS office on any device that you have but you won’t be able to access your personal files from different devices unless you sync your email with the Microsoft Office.

There are many benefits of synchronizing your email with Microsoft Office but currently, we are just going to talk about the way that you can use to sync your email with Microsoft Office. You can search on Google if you want to see some benefits of synchronizing your email with Microsoft Office. However, if you want to sync your email with MS office, you need to purchase the premium version of the MS office 365.

MS office 365 has many incredible features and the businesses may find it really helpful but the small businesses cannot afford to pay the price for this version. The small businesses may take a look at the MS Office Cheap packages to make it part of their business. Once you have purchased the premium package of MS office 365, you’d have to follow a few simple steps and your email will be synced with the MS office.

Once the email is synced with MS office, you’d be able to use your files from different devices anywhere you want. You can even submit the emails of your employees and then keep an eye on their work while you are away from the office. You can even assign them different tasks without having to send them an email because MS office will handle this job for you. Click Here and take a look at the detailed way to sync your email with Microsoft Office.…

Pro tips for using online games as a way to get more email subscribers

The email marketing is a very effective way of increasing your sales but the problem is that finding the people that are interested in buying your products is quite difficult because it takes a lot of time and effort to collect the email ids of the real people that are interested in reading your content or buying your product.

People use different ways to collect the emails of their targeted audience to increase their sales. Some of the ways are legal while others are illegal. We recommend that you must avoid using the illegal methods because these methods will greatly affect your reputation. The legal methods are free and long-term also, therefore, you must focus on the legal methods.

If you’re running an online business related to the gaming industry, you can easily obtain a huge amount of subscribers by using several helpful techniques. In this article, we’re going to talk about the methods that you can use to get more email subscribers for your gaming site. Please follow these tips to increase your sales by getting more email subscribers.

Pop up windows

If you’re running an online site to promote your gaming business, you can easily get as many subscribers as you want. All you need to do is adding a pop-up window on your website that will appear when a user will click on a game to play it. You should not make it mandatory for the user to submit their email because it will irritate the users and they would never come back to your website. The users that are interested in hearing from would definitely submit their email in this pop-up window without any objection.

New offers

If a game has recently launched, you can offer a free version of that game on your website for the users that are interested in playing that game. The users would have to submit their email id to play the free version of this latest game. We recommend that you must put offers on the latest Friv Games because there are many gamers that are interested in playing these games. We bet that the users would happily submit their email id to obtain these offers.

Offer free tips and tricks

The gamers are always interested in playing the complicated games to have some fun and entertainment. Sometimes, they get stuck on a level and they can’t complete it. In this situation, they need help from the experts that can help them in completing those levels. So, you can offer them free tips and tricks to complete the complicated levels in different games. All they have to do is submitting their email id to gain access to a huge collection of tips and tricks. This technique would help in getting more and more subscribers. The only thing you should keep in mind is to provide the useful tips to the users otherwise, they will disappear from your page very soon.…

How to level up your marketing by optimizing your email sign up form?

Email marketing is one of the most useful ways in the digital marketing where you try different techniques to collect the email addresses of your customers so that you can send them promotional emails. This helps you increase your sales apparently. In other words, it helps you generate a huge amount of leads.

You need to use all the techniques in a proper and secure way so that you can stay away from the spam box of your customers. Because once your emails started going to the spam box, you’ll never be able to bring them back and this useful technique will turn to be a great headache for you. Most of the times, users only mark you as spam when you try to enter their inbox forcefully.

The best way to engage your customers is to convince them to sign up to your email newsletter. It will help you stay secure from going to the spam box along with increasing your sales and customer engagement. The problem is that convincing the customers to submit their email address is also a severe headache.

You need to find different attractive ways to grab their attraction so that they can submit their email address willingly. Taking a look at will help you grab some ideas of optimizing your email sign up form to collect a list of customers.

Let’s take a look at some of the useful tips that you can use to collect a list of potential customers.

Chat box

A chat box is the best source of collecting email addresses of customers. All you need to do is hiring an AI expert to design a chat box for your website or buying the chat box from a reliable provider. The chat box appears as an attractive element for the users and it offers them some help regarding their search.

The chat box is designed under the AI standards as it is supposed to communicate with the user like a human.

If you don’t have enough budgets to buy an AI based chat box, you can hire someone to stay online and answer the questions of visitors. You can even attach the chat box with your mobile where a message will be sent to your mobile whenever a user will submit a query in the chat box.

At the end of your conversation, you can ask the user to submit their email so that you can send them detailed answer.

This is one of the most useful ways of optimizing your email sign up form these days.


You can also use website’s sidebar for your email sign up form to grab the attention of the viewer. You need to hire an expert graphic designer to design the layout for this section as it’s not easy to grab a user’s attention.

You may be thinking of creating a gif image for this purpose but we strictly warn you to stay miles away from this as it will cause disturbance to the user instead of grabbing their attention.

The best way to grab the user’s attention is to play with the graphics in a creative way and only an expert graphic designer can do this.…

How to structure your webpage to maximize email options?

Email marketing is one of the most powerful and effective ways of marketing these days. You can grow your sales surprisingly if you are going in the right direction. Targeting the right audience is the most important part of email marketing. There are several ways that people use to grab some emails of their potential customers.

Some people try to buy the email lists from several service providers which make them suffer from a lot of problems. Sometimes this practice makes them appear as a scam. So, you need to be very careful when sending emails to your potential customers.

Your website is the best source to collect the emails of customers. All you need to do is structure your web page in such a creative way that user may not get irritated by the design.

This will help you collect a list of active customers who are willing to hear from you. It’s better that you convey your message to those who want to listen to you instead of wasting your time on sending emails to some inactive and irrelevant customers. Taking a look at webpage design based out of Surrey will help you understand the most effective way to structure your web page.

Let’s take a look at how can you structure your web page to collect the emails of your customers.


Adding a chatbox to your web page is the most effective and useful way of collecting the emails of your customer. There are many chatboxes introduced these days that deliver a message to your client with a beep sound.

This chatbox appears after 5-10 seconds of page load. Some of these chatboxes are designed under basic PHP standards while others are designed using Artificial Intelligence.

If you want to provide excellent user-experience to your visitors, you must consider using chatboxes that are designed under AI standards. AI is an intelligent option that communicates with your customer like a human and in the end, asks them to submit their email. Most of the times users submit their email and contact information instantly as they are willing to hear more about your services.

Free download

Another way of adding an email collection option to your web page is creating a separate box where you put several files and guides for the users to download for free. The free offers grab the attention of your visitors immediately and the user submits his email to download the file or the guide. One free offer can bring you multiple high-paying customers in future.

Pop-up window

The pop-up window on your web page is another option that can help you collect emails without causing any changes into webpage’s structure. The pop-up window appears after a few seconds of page load with an interesting message on it. It depends on what type of message you have added to the pop-up box. If the message is interesting, the user will immediately submit his contact information without any offense.…

Top Gaming Mice on Market Today

A mouse is an important equipment for every PC gamer but nowadays, you need to choose the best gaming mice to become an expert in some of the games that require plenty of clicks just in a single minute such as League of Legends.

The best gaming mouse such as the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum or the Razer DeathAdder will be the perfect option for you. It’ll support high DPI settings, come with a better software for custom tweaking, have lower latency, and use sensors to help you make the faster moves. If you’re looking to learn more about Vertical Mice for Gamers, check them out here.

The gaming mouse is essential for the intense game play. But it’s difficult to decide that which mouse suits you the best. After researching and reviewing a lot of gaming mice we’ve brought you the information about the best gaming mice so that you may make a perfect choice.

There are several things that are involved in choosing the perfect mice for gaming such as grip types, hand sizes, personal preferences and gaming preferences. We’ve brought a list of gaming mouse so that you may easily choose the one that suits your needs.

Razer DeathAdder Elite

This is an amazing mouse for gamers. It comes with an ideal shape for claw and palm grips and it is available for a wide range of hand sizes. So, you can easily choose the one that suits your hand size. It’s not only perfect for gamers but graphic designers may also take advantage of its great features as it helps them feel comfortable while creating designs.

The best ambidextrous gaming mouse

The best part about this gaming mouse is that it comes at affordable rates and it doesn’t cost you enough money. If you’re looking for a light weight option, then ambidextrous is the perfect option for you. There are many grip types available in the Ambidextrous design. You can easily press the press the buttons of the mouse while gripping it.

Razer Naga Hex V2

The design of this mouse is amazing and outstanding. It provides you a better and comfortable experience than the previous Naga Hex. Your grip doesn’t get disturbed with the thumb buttons. The buttons can easily be distinguished by touch with the help of circular buttons.

These are best gaming mice available in the market today. Go and the grab the best piece today to increase your gaming experience.…

ABC Outlook Backup V2.70

What’s ABC Outlook Backup? how to backup outlook mail?

ABC Outlook Backup is a backup and restore tool for the Microsoft Outlook. It allows you to save Personal Folders, Contacts, Personal Address Book, Mail folders, Mail accounts, Message rules, signatures, stationery, tasks, notes, calendar, Templates, and all personal settings.
ABC Outlook Backup allows you to backup data on one computer and restore it to another one. This program is easy to use and has a simplified user interface, very useful for beginners.

Backup and restore your Outlook data:

Personal Folders (Message Rules, Contacts, Tasks, Calendar, Notes and mail folders)
Accounts Settings
Personal Address Book
Options Settings
Preferences (View and Toolbar settings, Send and Receive group settings, control information and other data.)

For Email Software Marketing and Latest Email Backup. Click here.